Ever since my professor has been raving about my writing assignments, I've been on cloud nine. Validated. Motivated. But, now I have a five page essay to do. I don't have a lot of anxiety about the length. The quality is.

Even Draco had it easier.

I'm the boss of analysis, the queen of citation, and the sergeant of sentence structure. Ok, this may be my ego, but hey, writing is fun for me. I write essays in my spare time!

I really tried yesterday. I got one paragraph done, but my voice is gone. Out the window. I'm repeating myself, and not meeting my standards. No wit, all shit. It's not looking good.

I feel like I have to hit this one out of the park like a baseball player on 'roids. Praise is a double edged sword. It made me confident, and gave me some hope that I'm good at something. The downside is, since I'm not progressing at the rate I usually do, I'm worried that all the accolades will turn into disappointment.


I'm just making myself feel like a failure. I tend to do that. I know, logically, that I can do this. It's just that the pressure gives me anxiety, and the anxiety makes me frustrated, and the frustration gives me writers block.

Today I'm going to attempt to write two pages. I hope that at least I can get my groove back once I start.

Update: WHAT NOW WRITERS BLOCK? I just pounded out some hardcore truth bombs. Or, you know, I wrote and stuff. Thanks everyone!