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Great first date!!!

A week ago today I wrote this:

Welp, today was the date. After a week of lovely conversations and funny times, we went out for an afternoon blues show. For some reason the band was in the parking lot. My friend said, “He took you to a parking lot?” She and I snort laughed :)


He was lovely. Fed me nachos & beer and INSISTED on paying. We had some very serious conversations and some really light, funny ones. It was easy to talk. He is demonstratively affectionate, as am I, and I absolutely NEED that in a man. He likes my Fred Flintstone feet and rubbed them for a bit (heaven!) It was so nice to feel a mans touch. We hugged a lot. Lip kisses but no tongue yet. IT WAS THE MIDDLE OF THE AFTERNOON,PEOPLE!!! Sheesh.

I am including the picture so you can see a middle aged first date and know that it’s possible to start over. We both suffered the relationship nuclear option this past year. We are both ready to open up again.

I don’t know if this will go anywhere. I do know that I respect him as a man and as a kind soul.

I will edit out the picture in a little while...

Edited: I took out the picture of us after a few hours, as promised. Cheers!

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