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Great moments in customer service

So, I've had many special moments at CVS. I fear that this time I have either slipped into a parallel universe authored by Kafka or this pharmacist is actually having a mental breakdown. She has, by my count, about fifteen people waiting. She is doing some sort of repetitive motion out of line of sight. No one has been served in over an hour.

She keeps telling each of us, individually, unprompted by voice or by glare, that she is VERY BUSY and that YOUR PRESCRIPTION WILL BE READY AT 6 O'CLOCK. It's unnerving. Some people are hiding in the aisles and the rest of us are trying not to make eye contact. She keeps saying it.

This place supposedly closes at 6. I swear to god she isn't actually doing anything back there except some paper-shuffling. I've been here an hour; some people have been here longer.


What exactly is protocol here?

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