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Great Salary Expectations

I'm always on the look out for a new job (maybe in the library or archival field. It would be nice to use that graduate degree for something). I'm not limiting myself to that field though, since those jobs are few and far between. I don't really like my current job—it's not challenging or something I see myself doing for more than another year. I basically apply to anything I'm qualified for, remotely qualified for, or can tweak my experience to make myself look qualified for in fields that interest me or I have experience in. Blah blah blah, I think everyone knows about applying for jobs.

I always get nervous about being asked salary expectations. Whether it's in the job posting, being asked via email, or being asked in person. It really freaks me out. I try to research how much jobs pay so I can feel a little prepared, but I always feel like I'm blowing it. Like, if I say one number maybe I screwed myself out of getting more, or if I say a higher number, maybe I totally disqualified myself for the position or the interview all together. I know that I'm an asset to whatever position I'm in and that I have experience for these positions and would do well in them, but I just get freaked out when asked about money.

Anyone else have this problem? Any tips?


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