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GreatThings (A GT Recommendation thread)

I love it when fellow GTers share recommendations for books, movies, music, makeup, recipes, etc. So, what's been rocking your world lately? What should we all know about?

I'll start with something weirdly specific... our lawnmower.

HomeyHeart and I bought a house this year and had to invest in our first ever lawnmower.


Because we're total hippies, we bought a Fiskars reel mower (the old-timey kind, which doesn't require gas).

We put it through its paces this summer and Homey (I think, he might disagree!) might've been a bit rough on it. He wrote a letter to the company in August and didn't hear anything back until yesterday. That's when FedEx dropped off A BRAND NEW MOWER to replace the original. It was like Christmas came early! Fiskars has won me over for life!

Now, your turn!

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