Good morning! I am on a smoothie kick. This is week 2 of me having a smoothie with greens in it for breakfast every workday. It's going so well I might even try to have a couple this weekend! This is the longest I've ever stuck with a healthy habit, and I want to keep it going. So far I have been adapting recipes I find on pinterest, and using some that I found on this green smoothie website. Here's the one I'm drinking right now for breakfast:

The recipes and tips on that site are pretty good but the ladies who run it are tight with the food babe, which doesn't sit well with me. Just fyi for those of you who check it out, there's some pseudo-science going on over there.


Anyway, I need more recipes and smoothie ideas! Especially ones that use greens, ones that are good for covering up the taste of protein powder, or ones that are lower GI index. But they don't have to be all those things, mostly I just want new ideas. What do you put in your smoothies?