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Green-Eyed Monster

I hate feeling jealous and envious. Comparison is death.

Yet I have this one coworker who has a lot of similar interests that I do; we're capable on fairly equal levels, yet she accomplishes so much more for a variety of reasons (aside from, you know, drive and shit like that).


* Photography: I went to school for this shit, yet she has a semi-decent side business because she knows more people where she lives who are willing to pay for her decent portrait work.

* Writing: She gets published because she knows her market—baby articles on mommy boards. I don't feel like I have any "expertise" in anything (but maybe that's the problem of the issue of feeling like because I'm not 100% qualified that I'm not qualified at all—someone help me with the name of the theory?), and I don't really know how to get involved.

I'm single, no kids, and don't understand how's she's able to do SO MUCH with a husband and family and everything else she does. She even seems to do our same job better on less time.

I'm jealous, I'll admit it. I fucking hate this feeling.

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