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Greenpeace Wat are you doing?? Greanpeace Stahp!

In case you needed more depressing news, Greenpeace decided that their best way to get attention to inform people to stop destroying the planet they decided to DESTROY DAMAGE A FAMOUS NATIONAL HERITAGE SITE*.

I can't imagine what must have gone through the mind of the people who pulled this damn stunt. In the words of my "they must have been believing in their own right so much, that they forgot about what is right"


Putting aside the obviously horrible nature of going to a protected area of the world, where you aren't even allowed to enter without special shoes, for one second. How can someone ever do the mental gymnastics necessary to go "We want people to stop damaging the earth! I know what we'll do, we'll damage it! YEAH that's a great idea!"


ETA: edited for clarity

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