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Greetings from hell

Hello group thinkers. I am writing from the icy, post-apocalyptic snowscape that is Toronto. We have been without power for two days and already my building has descended into a brutal and ruthless Cormack McCarthy-esque wasteland of roving gangs of militant yuppies armed with authentic Japanese gyutos and Callahan truflite 9-irons.

The professor and I are staying safe and relatively warm in our compound, surviving on salted cashews, leftover thai food and body heat.

While things look grim I have no fear for I know that Toronto's elected officials are the finest in the world.


I should go now as the professor is pointing out that using my remaining cell phone battery on rob Ford jokes is questionable decision making at best. I swear he'd be so eaten if not for the body heat issue. Bye all!

Ps if any of you know Luke Evans and think he would be interested in being a source of body heat tell him I can offer 2 blankets, a box of matches and all the roasted boyfriend he can eat.

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