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Waiting waiting waiting for a pelvic exam and ultrasound to find out why my IUD is hurting me so badly. So hopeful that I'm just a fucking spazz. They gave me hydrocodone, but it hasn't helped at all. Poor Fellow is about to claw his own eyes out with boredom.


Strings are perfectly in place, and my cervix is normal. The nurse has a Mirena too and told me the pain in the first week can be a living hell for some women. She told me to stick with it. I'll be given a shot for the pain and possibly a prescription for something hardcore. Hurting very, very badly but definitely relieved.


Fellow declared upon seeing this poster, "the four face is like my natural state."


After a tablet of Norco followed by an intramuscular injection of hydromorphone, I'm still feeling pain but can tolerate it. I'm also loopy as hell and almost walked into traffic. Yikes! Filling a Percocet script at CVS to get me through the rest of the week. I'm so grateful for the nurses and doctors who've helped me through this IUD experience. This has been a rough road, but I'm not quitting!


THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU to all of the lovely GTers for their kind thoughts.

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