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Greetings from the city that never sleeps.

So this is officially day day 4 in NYC (how can that be?). It’s been mostly amazing thus far, with some disappointing job stuff thrown in.

Home/move: Apparently my stuff arrived yesterday, so we are on track for it to be delivered on our move in date, which is great! My friend and I are currently in an airbnb - the location is pretty great. We are in Harlem, a block from central park. We are close to trains, close to my train to work, and it has been a great way to see the city. Our hosts couldn’t be nicer and more accommodating (we have 2 bedrooms in their house, and have our own bathrooms). On our first night, I went out with colleagues so my friend was going to have to do dinner on her own. Our airbnb hosts invited her to have dinner with them, which was so sweet. Tomorrow I move to a sublet - and that has been super stressful. The lessor has basically been MIA - unresponsive to emails and texts, and calls to her cell don’t even go to voicemail. Luckily her super was willing to give me keys (after I forwarded our email conversations to him) and mentioned that this happened with the previous person who was subletting. But, this didn’t all come together until 11:30pm last night - so stressful!!

The city: On Thursday, I walked 7.9 miles and 8.4 yesterday. On thursday, I decided to walk to my new workplace - which is like 50+ blocks from the airbnb. I couldn’t walk the last 10 blocks because I would have been late for a meeting, so hopped on a bus We went to chelsea market yesterday, which I highly recommend - we shared a piece of a fantastic cheese pizza and some phenomenal mediterranean dishes (spiced carrots, black-eyed peas hummus, a beet dip, and some eggplant dish). We wandered around, took the ferry to staten island, went to Vanessa’s dumplings for dinner (thank you to whomever suggested that!!), and just had a great day. Today we head to midtown.


All in all, it has been pretty great - and it feels really great. It weirdly feels like home already.

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