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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Greetings from the sticks

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Hey y'all - I am officially so far out in the middle of nowhere that I have to plan my downloads and whatnot around the town schedule; our bandwidth is so limited that when folks are home from work on evenings/weekends, I can't access stuff very easily. This is all lead-up to saying: the weekend is coming, and I've read almost all the books on my Kindle.


Help! What should I download tomorrow before the fishing boats back in for the weekend?

The books I have read since I arrived:

Shift (Omnibus Edition)
Gone Girl
Bring up the Bodies
The second to last Southern Vampire series

Books I've liked lately:
The Night Circus

Most of the other stuff I've read recently have all been student essays, which were... umm... not for pleasure.

Suggestions? Sorry if I don't respond to your suggestions individually, because, as I mentioned, shitty internet.

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