Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Greg: hey I bought you this apple pie from McDonalds

Me: I can’t eat that. You know I can’t eat that. I’m on a diet.

Greg: Yeah. I know. Just trying to make you fat. I think your diet is stupid.

Me: That’s fucked up. Why would you try to sabotage me? Don’t do that to people.

Greg: I’m not doing that.

Me: I tell you I’m trying to lose weight. You know that, and yet you intentionally try to give me things that would work against my goal. That is the actual definition of sabotage


Greg: No i’m not. It’s just life.

Me: It’s sabotage.

Greg: No, it’s life

Me: ok greg.


Greg: Do you like the Roman lifestyle of drinking wine and taking baths?

Me: .....What?

Greg: you know how like romans never wore clothes and took lots of baths and drank wine. Do you like that? Like the english wore way too many clothes.


Me: I don’t understand this conversation or what you are talking about so, bye.

Thinking back on this conversation I think that greg was trying to come on to me, and I cannot process that. Because I am so mean to mean to him. I am meaner to him that I was to that white kid in college who did that stand up routine using the words nigger cunts. I mean I really don’t understand. you guys. This isn’t ok. I’m not ok.


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