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As you all know Carlson has filed a lawsuit against Ailes for sexual harassment. As much as I dislike Carlson she is not stupid. She has to have rock solid proof against Ailes or this will end her career. Filing a lawsuit against ones boss in the media business without proof the suer will be seen as sue happy and someone not to trust thus no job. I am fairly certain this is true throughout industry regardless of reason of lawsuit.

One comment which almost all are horrible caught my eye. Its not the first time I saw it. I never believed it and still don’t but perception is often reality. The comment was a one line comment suggesting Roger Ailes is Megyn Kelly’s Sugar Daddy. (Look it up if you do not know the expression).

Gretchen Carlson sued Ailes because he made sexual advances and her rebuff led to a demotion and ultimately her dismissal.


I believe her. Fifty is not that old in the news indusrty. NBC has Chris Jansing who is 59 amd Andrea Mitchell who I believe is older.

Yet my question is could this affect other careers at Fox like Megyn Kelly. Affected as in a seed being planted of “you know maybe she accepted his advances to get a better time slot”in folks minds. Irregardless of proof. Simply because people always jump to bad conclusions.

In industry and workplace does this happen in which people are suspected of getting a promotion based on sexual advances while a lawsuit claiming a demotion or firing took place because of a rebuff? Yes I realize stupid people gossip about certain women getting promotions due to sex. Yet this case in which you have probable proof that a firing took place due to a rebuff this can go from gossip to “its probably true” about the promoted person.

I seriously doubt Carlson will claim anyone got a promotion due to Ailes advances. She would open herself to a huge libel lawsuit unless she had solid proof.


I agree Carlson should sue and he needs to pay big. Yet I cannot help but wonder about unintended consequences. The unintended consequenses of women who got promoted now believed by others they got the job by accepting the advances. How would this resolve in the workplace with people who are household names.


If men just did not let their penis do their thinking for them and did not believe jusr because they are boss the women are there for their sexual pleasure. Its an abuse of power, arrogance, entitlement and abusive. It destroys all around them.

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