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Grey Recaps Postponed + What I'd Like to #AskELJames

Quick notice to say that I lied yesterday and there won’t be a new Grey recap today. I’ve fallen a little behind on them, and yesterday’s was an absolute mess of typos and glitches (thanks, Wordpress). So I do want a little more time to give you something polished and coherent. I know it’s not like anyone’s waiting breathlessly for these, but since I promised I’d have one up today I just wanted to give a heads-up.

And, though I didn’t really participate in yesterday’s skewering of EL, I did come up with a list of 5 questions I’d love to ask her:

1) Why does it seem like Christian’s abuse as a child is more important than Ana’s abuse as an adult, and why does it excuse Christian’s adult behavior?


2) Does it disturb you that serial rapists like Jian Ghomeshi have proudly compared themselves to Christian Grey with no hint of irony?

3) Why are all women in the 50 Shades and Grey franchise — apart from Ana — portrayed as weak, mentally ill, conniving, interfering, scheming, slutty, or incompetent?

4) In a book that’s meant to be all about celebrating and enjoying BDSM, why is BDSM treated like an outlet for unresolved childhood trauma wherein the lead character will ideally be cured of his kink at the end?

And finally:

5) Had you ever met an American, a college student, a CEO, or even just two humans having a conversation before you wrote this book?


What would YOU ask EL, Groupthink?

And in case you’ve fallen behind on my thrilling series, you can catch up here! The links below are to my blog, rather than the Groupthink posts, only because the formatting is a little cleaner and my gifs are used to better effect.


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