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Grief: Group Therapy Addition

In which I am held hostage listening to grown-ass people discuss Heaven Is For Real.

As most of you know, I am Catholic. I believe in Heaven. But mostly in the abstract sense, "Yep, DadPoppet is in a better place. Thanks Jesus! Our souls don't just turn into worm food but obviously, our BODIES do" kinda belief. I have never been interested in near-death experiences. I rolled my eyes through every angel prayer. It's not my thing. Not my jam.


But people are entitled to their beliefs and frankly, who am I to tell someone not to believe that a 4 year old met his dead baby sister on his brief sojourn to Heaven. I believe I am literally consuming a 2000 year old dead/Risen dude every Sunday. Religion is weird. I get it.

But (and here's where I am thinking this should go in Just Evil Enough) don't hijack a fucking grief group meeting to talk about a stupid fucking movie. You want to talk about your loved one coming to YOU in a dream- have at it. I am all ears. But focusing on a fictional (NOPE, I get that this is based on a TRUE story. Let it go) character for our entire meeting?

I don't give a shit if this is unfair of me. A nonreligious grief group is not the place to discuss what you and Kirk Fucking Cameron have in common. Take your 6,000 year old Earth, your white dinosaur-riding Jesus, your dead miracle babies and GTFO.


I guess this was mostly a rant. And completely unfair of me to the other members of the group. This is not the place to chastise me, gentle readers.

If it wasn't early afternoon, I pour a tumbler of wine. KAREN, meet me in the kitchen at 5!


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