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I just moved my friend out of his house pretty much entirely, that he’d lived in for 3 years. He had to be out by today and had a family emergency (stepdad suddenly passed) and had to leave. So of course, his friends are willing to help in the emergency. However, I have to air a few grievances here that ARE his fault.

  1. He has had an entire month to move, and when he had to leave town suddenly last night he was not working on moving and clearly would not have been able to move out today without at least 5 people helping him (since it had to be after work hours).
  2. He had literally packed nothing. I’m pretty sure he’d only moved the furniture?
  3. He said he had 1 car load and it was 5. 5! Not tiny cars either.
  4. My friend who’d been slowly helping him move throughout the week said every time she went over there he just kept opting not to bring stuff “this trip.” (He doesn’t have a car).

Look we are in our 30s. Not everyone here has a car and that’s great! Rent a goddamn U-Haul for $20. Pack your things! Pack them! Even if it’s in trash bags!!!

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