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This was posted on Facebook by one of my many, many redneck relatives.

Looks a lot like she is telling the world, including us in her family, that she has cancer huh? In fact, this popped up in my newsfeed because my dad and a bunch of my cousins are posting “OMG praying for you” all over it.


Nope. Apparently my brother texted her and she’s “fine” and it was just about her father who had cancer long ago. Sad, of course. Very sad. But like, come on - “I can honestly say this is the most difficult time ever.” Right now? Right now.

Nope - just a copy-paste, that tells us how many of us “do not give a hoot about this message.” You’re fucking right I don’t give a hoot about this message. I give a hoot about cancer, like how my mom had it when I was a kid and how I go to the goddamn dermatologist on the hunt for it all the time and how my grandmother died of it and my other cousin lost his sight due to it and I DEFINITELY GAVE A HOOT ABOUT WHETHER YOU HAD CANCER.

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