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Grievance OT

I have an assortment of grievances:

1. My state (Louisiana) is about to become the latest to join Gilead. My acquaintance/friend ran for Congress and lost last year. He would’ve been a good rep, particularly in comparison to the person he ran against (trying not dox him here), but he has been just railing nonstop about how Louisiana deserves these laws because they didn’t vote for him. I don’t really blink when I see that coming from outside (even though I don’t like it), but come on dude! You know the demographics where you ran, the gerrymandering, and the misinformation that was spread against you. Also he wasn't going to be in the state legislature so he wouldn't have voted on this. Way to make this shit about you.


2. I have to basically bust ass and not sleep the next two days due to a bunch of work I need to do that I could’ve done earlier but wasn’t getting the things I needed from the guy I am doing this work for. He has valid excuses for falling off the planet (death in the family and child in the hospital suddenly), but he also never told me what was going on or even just shot me a text or email telling me to hold tight, and isn’t able to give me a little flexibility on the deadline to actually get all this shit done. I am not a procrastinator and I get very stressed about something when I am not just getting it done. This is both a blessing and a curse bc it really fucks up my work life balance.

3. I ate extremely spicy Vietnamese food last night and my aging system is mad at me (fire poop). Why can’t I just set my insides on fire like the good old days? My grandmother still can! I can’t hang with her I guess.


4. I have been having some intimacy issues due to anxiety the last couple years. My husband and I are working on it but I suddenly snapped into what I can only describe as Sex Mania last week and can’t figure out why. Not pregnant, SHOULDN’T be menopausal. The reason I’m calling this a grievance is that it’s like WHAT YOU SHOW UP NOW AFTER ALL THIS TIME AND DISTRACT ME FROM MY LIFE AFTER YEARS OF ANXIETY AND GUILT AND LONELINESS??

What are you aggrieved about today?

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