Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Now that everyone is all riled up about washcloths, on to the next debate: grilled cheese.

For me, a proper grilled cheese is two piece of regular, bland sandwich bread (no fancy crusty breads filled with seeds or whatever) with sliced American Cheese Product™ (no true cheeses allowed) and grilled with a lot of butter until crispy and the “cheese” is melted. It’s always served with ketchup. I hear some heathens eat it plain or with tomato soup. I’m pretty sure eating with ketchup is in the minority, because everyone I know thinks it’s weird, even though I know they're wrong. I suppose tomato soup is sort of like ketchup, except gross. Sorry, tomato soup lovers. I've also heard of mayo on it, but never tried this.


Come at me bros, what is a proper grilled cheese?

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