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Who’s ready for more minor body problems with iroqdemic! Gather round...

I had a scheduled dentist appointment today, and I mentioned that I had a molar that had gotten sensitive to cold over the past few weeks. I have thin enamel, and I had to have fillings last year, so I assumed it was more fillings. NOPE. Either I am grinding my teeth, or I have a micro crack. Or I have a micro crack FROM grinding my teeth.

And sitting here at my work laptop after the appointment...I think I am grinding my teeth when I work. Like I am clamping my jaw tightly together when I’m concentrating on something. :/ I never noticed.


I need to get a mouth guard from the drugstore and try it out for a few weeks, and see if that helps. If it does, I get to spend $400 on a custom one. If that doesn’t help... I get to spend $600 on a new crown. UGH. Bodies are dumb and they should just work properly.

Anyone else grind their teeth? Do you do it during the day, or just at night? Is the mouth guard helpful? Are you a drooly mess?


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