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Gritting my teeth - edited: a job called!

ETA: He got a call for a potential job, but it's rotation in and out so he'll be gone for long periods this is probably really good for our relationship but I am worried about his mental health. We need the money BAD though, so please send me your good vibes that he gets the job!

Sorry for a long and rambly post!


I am so annoyed I could scream. My husband has been out of work for almost a year. He is being denied EI for some reason and will not investigate. He is barely job hunting and expects a fucking cookie for the slightest help around the house (congrats for taking your child to school while I was working! Gold star! Dad of the year!). I work from home so it's hard to escape, and he complains of insomnia but sleeps all day, is depressed but won't go to the doctor, smokes but won't try nicorette, is depressed but won't see the doctor to check his meds.

I'm so sick of this shit. I turned 30 last year and realized this was not the life I wanted or had signed up for. To be fair he has stepped up a bit, but is no where near a 50/50 partner that I want. I had planned to be out of this toxicity by this time this year (31 y'all) but instead we are so broke we couldn't separate if I wanted to, he picked a fight with me on My birthday (first time out since December) and is now sulking like a baby because I:

1. Asked him to go to the EI office today to see wtf was up

2. Had the gall to then suggest he atop drinking at 3 pm and playing violent video games, and go to DQ to celebrate our child's excellent report card as a family

He is literally still pissy about this, drinking like a fish, and OH YEAH, his mom is here for a 2 week visit (she's actually very sweet but me wanting to brain her son is probably not appealing). She also works with me and has seniority so she could potentially fuck up my job situation in a big way.

Icing on cake: apparently I and his mother (who sincerely thinks the sun shines out his ass) have been nagging him. IM BITING MY TONGUE 24-7. RAGE.


Thanks for reading if you got this far into my madness! Here is a cute thing;

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