why does it seem that every post i make is about food? hmmm... i should work on that... anyway. today's post is because i am so happy that we finally got to go grocery shopping!

so, the husbands and i, along with the TeenChild and his girlfriend, went to Aldi, and got most of the stuff we needed, and then hit Walmart for the rest of it. ended up spending nearly $250 (out of about $650 for the month), but we are thoroughly restocked for the moment. i probably shouldn't have gone shopping while hungry, though... EVERYTHING looked good!

the best part is having good bread and fresh veggies again. and meat! meat that i got to pick out, and that is fresh and not on the verge of spoiling! i got a 3 1/2 lb chuck roast, and potatoes, onions, celery, carrots, and mushrooms. pot roast tomorrow!

i got clementines and bananas, butter and cheese (so much cheese... yum...) and lunchmeat, and all that stuff you don't realize you like so much until it's gone (crackers, dried fruit, popcorn, a bag of chips). i indulged the kids and let them get some canned pasta crap (sorry, i just can't get into that stuff) and some frozen meals, french fries and tater tots.

i got myself a box of chocolate covered cherries, too. mine, all mine! man, i wait all year for Christmas candies to come out so i can get these. soooooo gooooooood. i will eat them 1 per day for the next week and a half to make them last (assuming nobody else finds where i hide them).


of course, once we got home, everything had to be sorted and put away, and some things get stashed in Other-husband's kitchen so the kids don't plow straight through it. i keep the snack stuff and treats there and ration it out, or else it disappears so fast you wouldn't believe it.

so, there is now a houseful of happy guys, and a happy me, and i don't have to go out in the miserable awful cold anymore (it's like, 9F out there! horrible!), and the house is warm(ish) and smells like microwave popcorn and oranges.


one thing i noticed... everything got put away, and i finally had a chance to eat... and i had no idea what to eat. there were too many choices. after nearly 2 weeks of pretty much nothing but canned stuff and rice/pasta, largely given to us and not chosen ourselves (i'm not complaining, i swear, just stating), i couldn't seem to decide! it was the weirdest feeling...