I know, I know... most people don’t get too excited about grocery shopping, but it’s been more than 2 weeks since I could actually shop. I am soooo sick of canned stuff! And peanut butter. So. Much. Peanut butter. Unfortunately, since we were out of so much stuff and haven’t been able to go to the food pantry or farmer’s market all summer (bad timing, mostly), I spent a ridiculous amount of money.

For the low, low cost of $275 at 3 different grocery stores, we now have:

Fresh fruit and veggies: plums, nectarines, cantalope, lemon drop melon, green grapes, strawberries, baby carrots, mini bell peppers, bananas, mushrooms, bagged salad, and cucumbers. (I still have 2 cabbages and a couple of zucchini from the garden)

Bread-type stuff: wheat bread, white bread, hamburger buns, hot dog buns, onion bagels, apple pie bagels, tortillas. Also, Life cereal, Multi-grain Cheerios (now GF! YAY!), Berry Berry Kix, 4 different kinds of crackers, rice crackers, GF pizza crusts, tortilla chips, dill pickle potato chips, microwave popcorn, GF animal crackers, and veggie chips.

Cold stuff: Eggs, milk, almond milk, 2 1 lb bags of pepper jack cheese cubes, 3 1 lb blocks of cheese (cheddar and swiss), 3 lbs American cheese, sliced munster and colby-jack, Simply go-gurt tubes (16 pack), Activia yogurt (12 pack), 1 lb hard salami, 16 assorted packs of Buddig lunchmeat, a 20-pack of turkey hotdogs, 1 lb small shrimp, and summer sausage.


Frozen convenience crap: chicken nuggets and patties, pizza rolls. Also, peas, broccoli, and frozen fruit blend.

Assorted crap: 3 bottles of spice blends, 2 coconut oil sprays, a 12 pack of Arizona lite Arnold Palmer (tea/lemonade blend), chocolate (mine!), gummy bears, Gatorade, GF snack bars and regular snack bars (those are put away for school starting), canned Spam, canned chicken, a couple of tubs of deli salads, and soda (for Almost-MIL, since she watches kids so I can go shopping!)


So, there you have it! My fridge and freezer are full, my pantry is full, and the kids thought it was Christmas when they came into the kitchen! And... I have chocolate :)