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The sample omg I never heard of this combo but it was so good. It was very strong in taste so it would go better with crackers then smeared on a sandwich or used as cheese on pizza.

It was Milk Cheese Blue.


So I then walked to dairy and got for 99 cents the 16 ounce 1 percent Chocolate Milk. There were no markdowns in bakery so I passed where they out their homemade, hamburgers with fries, soup etc. They have a machine where the food is on a shelf with heating lamps above to keep food warm. I usually just order food fresh like pizza slices or hamburgers with fries.

What did I see under the lamps.

It cost $1.99 for a single pie. I had no idea what it was so I went to a person behind the counter cooking and asked. It was Shephard Pie. I said “oh”. For $1.99 I would take a chance.

So I put it in my cart with the milk. Walked over and paid. Then went to the cafeteria to eat it.


I took about three bites when my mother stopped. It had hamburger which they use for their hamburgers for the meat. Along with peas. The mash potatoes were on top and very thick.

She took a few bites. Even though a single pie it was still big.

The mash potatoes were so dry. I understand there should be a crust of the mash potatoes but it was thick and dry. The hamburger and peas were good but dry. Very little sauce inside.


I should have put ketchup on it but did not. The cafeteria has a section with packages of ketchup, mustard, utensils and napkins.

If it was not for the dryness of the pie from top to bottom it would have been good but dry mash potatoes seem like rocks in ones stomach.


The picture you see of a Shephard Pie looks like mine minus the moistness and juice inside.

Anyone here make Shephard Pie? My late grandmother used to and it was very moist and bigger. Although she did not completely mash the potatoes it was chunkier potato wise. Kind of half mashed. She made good mash potatoes though.

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