Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Today at Goodwill my mother bought a large OLD tin. I stress the word OLD. She could not open it but thought something was inside since it shook and rattled. She though jewelry. She brought it up to pay and the cashier, a very nice woman who we dealt with many times, managed on openning it. Two inches of OLD rotted popcorn. We just looked at it. The cashier. Do you know what she did? She left for a few seconds and got paper towels and cleaned out the popcorn. She did say to my mother to wash it out with hot water.

Yummy story I went to my fav grocery store and went to the cafeteria and got for $1.99 a chocolate milk shake. The person making it did not want to make since she thought I could lose my good looks. I think she was flirting. It was delish and I thanked her for making it. We were not out long.


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