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Gross, dude

I am going to delete my Match account. The men are mostly harmless but not really what I'm looking for. But a lot of them don't respect my age limits. I'm not dating someone who could feasibly be my father. Or grandfather. No thanks. For some reason that happens way more often on Match.com than OK Cupid. Might be a question of demographics? I think there are lots more young people on OK Cupid.

Anyway, today I got this gem:


Seriously? Call an escort service. There are tons of nice, professional women in LA. This happens A LOT in the entertainment business, by the way. It's why I'm on OK Cupid in the first place. All the guys my age are taken or have some Red Flag issue that I don't want to deal with. All the older guys are married and want me to be their "Special Friend".

I'm done. It's been weird, Match.com.

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