Edit thank you, thank you, thank you to everybody who commented. I cannot reply to everyone right now bcause it is late and I am on my phone but I feel a little less freaked out. You are so kind and it makes me feel a little less alone, knowing that so many people have to deal with this regularly. ❤️

Spacer picture, gross picture of my face in the comments.

My face is totally fucked.

I developed super dry lips PLUS chin acne over the weekend and I don’t know how do deal with it. Everything cracks, itches and hurts and I feel gross and I want to cry. It’s probably allergy related - stayed at a hotel over the weekend, used an old blanket and woke up with a swollen face on Saturday but this just got worse and worse. I was out in the sun a lot and it was very windy, so that did not help either.

I am freaking out and it also does not help that I am a compulsive skin picker. I also tend to neurodermits / sensitive skin. I am feeling pretty low about my body and weight right now and this is so upsetting, I want to cry. GT skincare experts, please help me or at least send cat pictures? Or commiserate, that is totally fine as well.