Also, random OKC question. But mostly the foot thing.

So my feet are super super gross, and I'm not sure what to do about it. This is a picture of my heel:

and this is a picture of the back of my ankle, which is my bigger concern

The skin is just all gross and cracked and on the back of my ankle it's really raised, like a lump. Is there anything I can do to make my feet less totally horrible?


Also, I got a "high" so either four or five star rating from a really cute guy on ok cupid. But in response to a question about weight preferences in a partner, he's said that he wouldn't be okay with dating someone even a little overweight. Which is honestly fine with me. While I demand basic human decency from everyone, regardless of my weight, I don't actually demand attraction from all of them. But I have some full body photos on my profile, it's clear that I'm overweight. So do I respond to this? He's really good looking, and we're really compatible on all our other questions, but why on earth would he rank me highly, if I'm clearly not his type?