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OMG OMG OMG, last weekend, I got a few books from a thrift store while I was visiting Boston. Today, I was reading one of them and noticed a small bug crawling across a page and instantly freaked out and smooshed it. Now I'm afraid that it's a bed bug or something, and I feel like crying. I tried to take a picture, but this picture sucks and you can't really see what it is. It's small and looks black with some brown spots.

I'M TERRIFIED. I mean, I returned home from my trip on Monday, so I've been home for a while. I haven't noticed any bug bites on me or anything else. BUT I'M PANICKING, PLEASE CONSOLE ME OR PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO. I'm like about to throw up right now. I also slept with this book next to me one night, so GROSS.


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