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Gross winter skin

Hey GT, let's rap. The second it gets cold, my face skin immediately starts to flake off, sort of like the guy in Poltergeist whose face melts when he looks in the mirror whilst being possessed by a demon, except HE recovers quickly and lives a perfectly happy life while I deal with this and the subsequent shame for several months from November-March. I know everyone is cuckoo for coconut oil, so I tried that but I could feel my cheeks - the driest spot(s) on my face - drying up within 30 minutes despite being smothered in the stuff. ANYWAY, what are your fave products for dry, itchy winter skin? I will buy them all, I swear.

Also, I am super interested in any home beauty remedies you have on hand, even if they're not related to dry skin. I've always wanted to be one of those cool "I-ran-out-of-conditioner-so-I-just-made-a-simple-hair-mask-of-yogurt-flaxseed-beer-avocado-and-spiders" but I have no idea where to start. I Google this stuff but there are so many differing opinions that I just give up and stick to boring ol' Oil of Olay.


Thank you in advance for making me beautiful.

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