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Grossness with my morning coffee

I'm involved in BDSM. With that said I have been seeking out some photographers. There are a few well known through people also in the industry but in other circuits of performing and the alternative world, whatever. One of these, I've seen his work with numerous people who I admire in the community and sought him out. He and I have spoke before and before I went on a bit of a sabbatical to get things together in my private life, we'd talked about shooting.

I reached out to him recently to get things together, he seemed excited, remembered me. We had talked a bit about what I had in mind, and the image and tone we wanted to create together. I had a location picked out that was the appropriate BDSM backdrop with a lot of room to work with (really this location is beautiful and I love being there).

It was just a matter of logitistics at this point and (I guess) a little more clarification on his end.

Now I'm not too sure how they do it other parts, but professionally... you don't bare it all unless you're comfortable and any photographer worth their salt who shoots strictly nudity will make you aware of such long before you get to the booking stage of the conversation....


His reason for suddenly not wanting to shoot.

"I've shot a few dungeon sets with just a Dom looking mean with a flogger... gets boring fast...."

Nudity will alleviate the boredom of the set somehow?

This is twice now in this city and this community I've encountered male photographers and their grossness. I'll update/edit if I can find the conversation where a photographer insulted my weight as it pertained to BDSM, told me to drop some pounds if I wanted to be better, then told me not to be so upset he'd "probably fuck me if the mood was right" and he still wanted to work with me despite my fat handicap (I'm 6' and a size 14/16 and built like fucking Wonder Woman so fuck you hobbit boy with a camera...)

UGH! I just want to vomit on their shoes and go back to bed.

Update: So it just dawned on me where I first saw his images. He shot the (now head) Mistress and my mentor at a dungeon I worked at and a few other ladies there as well. This dungeon, later nicknamed the grungy dungeon, where the owners were insane and selling coke, slandering sex workers while being them, and then attempting to out former employees to their friends and family. Whoa shit.

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