Hey, let's have some inane fun. I'm going to preface this to let you all know that I'm uncomfortably comfortable with my body and pretty much all of its functions, so proceed with that in mind.

I used eggs in dinner, in case you're wondering why I would think to share this right now.

You know how certain people think it's hilarious to call eggs "chicken abortions"? Those same people (because they're #notallmen) are often REALLY grossed out when you point out that most eggs available for food are produced in such a way that they can't possibly be fertilized and are better described as chicken period. After sharing that with my dad, if it ever comes up and he sees me open my mouth to say, "Actually..!" he immediately tries to stop me with "DON'T! We know, we get it! Just...don't!" Poor Dad, he's not even the kind of guy who would make that joke, he's just stuck with friends who would and a daughter like me.

SO! All other aspects being the same, fertility-wise, would you rather have the period you do now or lay an egg once a day, every day until you reach menopause? The catch would be that your uterus would have to expel it, let's say 10 minutes of hard cramping.


I'm really torn on this one, guise.

This post has been brought to you by wine.