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Hi there, fellow crocheters! I'm interested in hearing some of your "go-to" baby blanket patterns.

One of my besties found out she was pregnant several weeks ago. Today she found out the baby is a boy! Of course I have to make her a baby blanket.

(You may remember me posting about a baby blanket I was working on and how much I really didn't like the colors I picked. It was for a different friend. It's my "go-to" pattern but I want to do something different for this friend. Also, Raptor Friends, stop having babies! I can only crochet so fast! I'm ALMOST finished with that one.)


Anyway, I'm looking for some patterns. I can't find anything I like on Ravelry. I don't think this friend would care if the pattern was gender-neutral or not. But gender-neutral is always more fun for me. I'm okay with intermediate patterns, but nothing so hard that I'll hate it. Like this, for example. I'd hate every stitch of this. (I know this pattern is not for sale anyway, but just an example).

I do like this pattern.

But I'm unsure of my skill in mastering that.

So, out of curiosity (and because I might need a pattern), what blankets do you make for your friends' babies?

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