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Group Drink/Truth/Whatever Question...Tell Me Your Irrational Fears

I'm not talking about the very real stuff we face daily, which is perhaps technically irrational, but is based on odds calculations (like the discussion raging today about assault, soft nos, and Shroedinger's Rapist). I'm talking about stuff you know is completely impossible, but that you fear anyway. I'll go first.

I have two, both stemming from media I have consumed. The first and strongest one comes from reading "Charles Ashmore's Trail" by Ambrose Bierce in high school. Sometimes when I'm completely, utterly alone (which happens often as I live in a semi-rural area and also love solo hiking), I become terrified that I will slip into another world like that and be stuck wandering an empty alien world forever. Selfishly, when I feel that way I make one of my dogs heel closely so that I won't be alone if it happens.


My other fear is when I'm feeding the horses after dark (or otherwise alone at night outside), and stupidly enough I get really afraid of the Vashta Nerada, from an episode of Doctor Who of all things. But damn, when I'm faced with walking out into that dark yard at night alone, that comes to me and I have to build myself up. I don't keep the dogs with me for that one, because I don't want them to get eaten too. :(

So GT, I've shared my completely crazy irrational fears. What are yours?

ETA I was on my first drink when I posted, now I am drunk. I have gotten a ton of notifications and can't read them all, at least so that I will remember. ;) I LOVE all of these posts. You are all beautiful and fascinating and I love reading what you have shared so much. Please keep sharing, I am going to bed and may not respond personally but I look forward to reading them tomorrow. Seriously, when I posted and then went to play fetch with my pup and came back to 63 notifications, I was expecting approximately 62 of them to be telling me I'm an idiot. ;) So thank you, GT, for being awesome!

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