Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Group drink: Violet Edition

What’s up, fellow kids? I’ve been trying not to drink but today was a long day so what the hey!!!!

My day involved driving to get my car serviced and being super worried that it was horribly broken (it wasn’t!) then being so excited because the car dealership is 15 minutes away from a trader joes, which we don’t have. Except after the dealership I stopped to get gas, left my wallet on top of the car, and drove off. Then I filled up my car with hundreds of dollars of trader joes stuff, realized halfway through checkout, told her it was in the car and then I ran away. (Obviously it wasn’t on top of the car because it flew off at some point). Then with some detective work, rerouting, gas station attending talking, and doing a Hail Mary of retracing my drive I FOUND IT. It was on the side of the road, cards spewed out, tire track marks all over it, but I put on my hazards, ran around in the six lane highway, and got everything back except one card.


Then I put on a different sweater, changed my hair, put on sunglasses and went back to TJs and drive the two hours home.

...so I thought a drink was in order. Plus I stocked up on cheap wine so!!!

How’s it going for you, GT, my favorite people on the Internet? Here is a random question; if someone called your kinja name handle in like a bar or store would you turn around?

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