It doesn't look/feel like it, but it's garden planning season! Can we have an ongoing GroupGarden?

I live in an apartment, so my garden is going to all be container gardening, but I stopped by the hardware store and picked up my germination kit and the following seeds: broccoli, kale, spinach, arugula, parsley, jalapeno, lavender, and basil. I'll probably pick up another set of seeds soon, but I wanted to start with stuff I know I'll eat regularly. I also want to buy some exotics from Logee's because I drool over everything beautiful in their catalog. I'm also considering getting tillandsias or something similar to hang as decoration to hang in the bathroom, since they live well off of the shower steam.

I considered either hydroponics or aquaponics, but the plans are pricey and I pay for my own electricity so I'm iffy on it. Anyone who's a good advocate for either method should tell me their experiences!

Have any of you started garden planning? What plant life do you have going on?