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Group Gift Ideas

Hey GT,

There are tons of creatives, crafters, and just really thoughtful people among you, so I thought I would ask you for advice! I’m managing a team of people this year on a volunteer project. It’s customary for the supervisor to give their team gifts (and usually the team will gift something back to the supervisor, but that’s not the point here).

Over the years I’ve gotten some great gifts from my supervisors, and some that sit in the corner collecting dust. The thing is, my team is made up of 9 people. These 9 are all young (in their 20s) and university educated, but that’s where the similarities stop. They’re from all corners of the world, different genders and interests - so what do I get for my beloved ragtag group? I’d prefer to get them all the same gift - then there’s no favouritism (or added difficulty selecting personalized gifts for each individual), and it adds a common thing between them.

I was thinking of notebooks embossed with their intials, something like this:


Or maybe a lanyard or keychain (also with their initials or possibly the date of the event)?


I’m willing to spend up to around $25 per person, but would go over that for something really worth it. If you are one of these talented crafters, feel free to self-promote. I just want to get something they’ll like and use. All opinions/thoughts appreciated!

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