Last week I had a pretty mild cold thing, I was still able to do pretty much everything I normally do, but with a couple extra tissues. I even doubled up on a class at the Y on Thursday! Then I spent Friday night after trick-or-treating hanging out with the neighbors outside until almost 2:00am, got chilled, and woke up to find the mild cold transformed into a super duper sinus infection.

I used to get sinus infections regularly in AK, like every few months, but they wouldn't last terribly long. The humidity in Houston has been great for me, in general. With that and my shut-in lifestyle, I hardly ever get colds, and they never last long. But last fall/winter I did have a gawd-awful sinus infection and awesome accompanying cough that lasted around a month. I went to a doctor, which I haven't done for anything other than my vagina and emergencies since I was in school. He looked in my ears and nose and gave me antibiotics that didn't do a damn thing. I'm pretty sure he thought I was overreacting and wrote the script to get me out the door.

I don't want another month long sinus infection! The only thing that touches it is Alkaseltzer Plus night-time, which knocks me out, but at least I can sleep. During the day I'm miserable. Today I bought some capsaicin nasal spray. It's not as bad as I was expecting, but it didn't do a helluva lot. I don't know what to do! There is too much on the interwebz to sift through and try, so I'm resorting to my favorite resource, YOU! Tell me what works! Please! My nose is raw and my brain feels like it's going to pop. Apple cider vinegar will help for about 10 minutes, but I might just throw it up next time. Sinus irrigation (neti pot) does pretty much nothing, never has. (I did a lot of coke when I was 20/21, I think it messed some stuff up in there.) What helps? I'm begging!