I was planning on drinking with my bestie tonight, but there has been a change of plans. I got a text today from a mom (an acquaintance of one of my regular families) asking if I could babysit her kids at the last minute, since their nanny is sick. I am in need of cash, so I agreed and here I am! It’s always a little weird working with a new family for the first time.

For example, this family all speaks French, which I do not speak at all. With me the parents and older kid would speak English, but amongst themselves they spoke French. The parents are gone now, they put the little one to bed (reasonable, but little ones are my favorite so I wish I could have interacted with her more), and the older kid (he’s six) is watching a French cartoon right now. When the show is over, it’ll be his bedtime and I’ll read to him (in English I hope!).

It’s just been a while since I have had such a hands-off babysitting night! It reminds me of the babysitting I did as a teenager. I haven’t seen my regular kids in several weeks because they are visiting their extended family and I just miss them so much! Especially my little one; I miss his pudgy little face and his hugs.

Ah, now we are learning about how muscles work! I wish I understood French; oh well!

Any other sober folks out there tonight?