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Group-Sourcing: Something's wrong with my touchpad!

So I have an acer aspire, V5-471 series that I bought maybe 6 or 7 months ago. I'm kinder to Belinda than I was to my old Dell, Perdita, but I'm still a bit of a button masher who sometimes gets drops of water on her computer when she's cooking or fresh out of the shower. I do clean her though and try to make sure any moisture or debris stays away from the corners of buttons and keys.

Yesterday night my touch pad started working strangely- the bottom third wasn't working and when I tried to scroll the cursor wouldn't move half the time. Now it's barely working at all. Needless to say I can't right click, which is an eternal annoyance to me.


Luckily the V5-471 is a touch screen as well, but I usually use the touchpad in order to avoid a dirty screen. I did run a piece of paper in the sides of the touchpad and cleaned out debris and a bit of oil around the sides, but I think it's working worse than ever now.

Can anyone help me? I'm so sad without Belinda's touch pad option :( I miss her precision.

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