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Salut ladies and gents,

Well this is exciting, my first ever post on Group think. A true Dear Diary moment (I actually had one of those. PSYCH).

I was wondering if anyone would be interested in some kind of thread/tag/WHATEVER so members can support each other in something that you might be really wanting to do, or stop doing, but are putting off either due to lack of motivation, lack of support, or embarrassment.


I for one, am desperate to quit smoking. However, being alone in a city with nothing scheduled to occupy myself with, is making this extremely hard. I'd also like to get back into running, but am finding it difficult to summon the motivation.

If anyone is looking for some group support/peer pressure (in a positive way) to help encourage you to make progress in something, and give you a space to feed in how it's going, ask others for advice, to brag about your good days, and to lament the bad days...well that would be awesome.

I asked Stephen Fry and he approved. JUST SAYING.

PS, on the posting options should I be choosing public or private? I went for public.


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