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Hey dudes!

I have literally about three minutes to type, but how did your week go last week?? Did you manage to do the things that you were planning to? If not, are you pumped up to get cracking this week?

On my side last week was a bit of a sorry tale. On Monday I did four mini workout videos (online) and then was in muscle crampy hell from the AFTER BURRRRRRRRN for like three days afterwards. LAME. Anyway, other stuff happened, and basically the only thing I stuck to was not biting my nails.


So today I decided I wouldn't do my motivation post until I had DONE something. So today, at the ripe hour of 1800 I went to the gym. Hurrah! It was rush hour, and I went in the most hideous woollen track suit bottoms you can imagine. I was like a teenager who had just finished football practise. I got a lot of stares, but that might also have been down to the fact that I was BRIGHT PURPLE from the heat of the gym, the heat of my woollen pantalons, and my general appalling physical fitness. Anyway, I stayed for half an hour and didn't give any fucks.

Since then I have:

* Had a shower, made a facial scrub, done the scrub, used body lotion for the first time in literally months.

*Took the laundry to the dryer

* Done ALL THE WASHING UP from the weekend (so we have glasses again now, huzzah!), cleaned the kitchen surfaces, the hobs, the floor, cleaned the bathroom floor, the bath, the sink, cleaned the toilet floor, bleached the toilet, tidied up some random crap, made the bed, cleaned the giant mirror on the wardrobe...etc.


Mr Kay kay is here now so off I go to get the clothes from the launderette!

So spill ladies and gents! How's it been going on the motivational side!?

btw, not proof read!

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