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I have no clue what time zone we're in and I've already fallen behind with my "hour by hour" schedule, so Friday night must be a success so far. I feel like we're fast approaching the time of evening when we talk about embarrassing moments and don't care because: vices. I'll start: when I was in seventh grade, someone tripped me at the head of the stairs and I fell down the entire flight of stairs. In front of the whole school. And the teachers. I was still sprawled on the floor when one of the teachers said, "GET UP AND STOP BEING A JACKASS." Ahhh, middle school.

[10:00pm Eastern update]: We have a few choices:

1. COMMERCIALS. I don't know about you, but right now, truck commercials are on my YOU ARE THE SHITTIEST OF SHITS list. I have never seen such bullshit, "REAL MEN DRIVE TRUCKS" ads since...well, shit. I don't know. I am also willing to admit that I have an irrationally strong hatred of trucks. Tell me what weird commercials you've seen lately?


2. DRINKING GAME! Look for my "Never Have I Ever" thread below.

3. Still an open thread - go nuts!

[9:00pm Eastern update] MEME FIGHT!

(FYI: I'm a particular connoisseur [seriously, that took me three tries and Google to spell correctly] of Jesus and Lent memes)

Hey kids, what time is it? It's time to indulge all our vices and slough off this shitty week time! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!



So I went looking for an appropriate photo to start this off, but stopped when I found this:


Because really, how could I not? I feel like this sums up my feelings on this past week perfectly.

It's 8:15pm Eastern and I will post a new topic and/or game every hour until 12:00am Pacific.


FIRST TOPIC: What games and/or subjects would you like to see tonight?

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