Group Writing Project Update

Hello all!

I just wanted to let everyone know who is participating, that the second group is getting a another week for their stories (Kelkelkel, Slay Belle and Korra take note, you'll have a week from next Monday.) I'll post the second group of stories once I have recieved them all with links to the first two stories and the guidlines.

More people are welcome to join! All the information is provided below.

Questions? Comments? Just ask :)

Group Writing Project: First Stories

Sorry for the delay! Due to life circumstances, there's only two stories to start us off. The next group: Airplanegirl, therivercharley, Clio, and NamedChanged, all have one week to send me something. Let me know if you have need more time asap as waiting too long disrupts the flow of the story. And here's the guidelines if your mind needs refreshing:

Story from Suh:…

Story from Comorant: