What celebrity are you ashamed to harbor secret sexual feelings for? Don't give me something mediocre like "OH HEE HEE HEE, I'D HAVE SEX WITH HAN SOLO." You suck. We need to start getting real. Fucking real. You dirty bastards harbor some really messed up crushes so spit it out.

I'll start. You know, I'd totally engage in a threesome with Jim Bob and Michelle. I mean, they are super fucking fertile and must have a lot of sex. I suspect alot of dominance and submissiveness there and I think that is kind of kinky and hot. Maybe I watch the show too much and this is just me being like "I see a milkshake and therefore my favorite food is a milkshake" but I still want the Jim Bob and Michelle to bring their milkshakes to the yard. And wear the prairie dress. Please.