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I have a lot of friends with stupid different beliefs. I have friends who are republican—even libertarians (who are the worst) but you know, I can still be friends with them despite the fact that we have fundamentally different beliefs. People have the right to their views on the world and I can still see them as decent human beings worthy of friendship. I've seen too much bullshit in the world to be dogmatic. But you know, for everyone, there are deal breakers. Ideas that people have that would either end or prevent a friendship from occurring. I think everyone has their limits.


I was thinking of recently what has ended relationships for me. Besides people being acutely racist or sexist or homophobic, I think the thing that bothered me has been friends who have openly objectified teenage girls. I can't stay friends with people who act like that because I have such a visceral dislike for them. One guy said creepy things and I just had to end the friendship with him. It was one of those really shocking moments where you realize someone isn't who you thought they were.Ironically, I can be a good therapist to people who have beliefs like that but I think the boundaries around the relationship helps.

What about you?

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