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Oh God, this week, you guys....

First, I end up roped into doing someone else’s work - a really long fucking experiment that took about 11 hours, and it made me miss a graduation party I was really looking forward to because she handed me samples and then fucked off to do who knows what. Never mind that she doesn’t know how to do this particular thing herself, and hasn’t bothered to learn/practice - she apparently thinks I am her personal servant/research monkey. NO.

And THEN. And then, this morning at my other job I had a mean cat lady yell at me for no reason, because I wasn’t scooping poop out of cat boxes fast enough or something. I thought “oh, you picked the WRONG week to fuck with me, lady.” I gave her my most polite smile, and said “sorry ma’am, but I just got here myself, and I have a lot of other animals I have to care for, I will get to it soon.” And then walked off like


I have HAD IT, y’all. How’s everyone else doing today?

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