Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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GroupDrink, anyone?

Phase four of


is GroupDrink. So loosen your corset, and pour yourself a Bald-Eagle.


How has everyone's week been? Mine was okay. As you know, I createdan OKC profile. In addition to the lovely post-modern commentary I've received, I've also gotten some extremely polite messages from male subs and switches (I made the mistake of answering questions about kink). Like, extremely polite. Here's one:

"I know this is unsolicited and so I understand if I don't hear back. Honestly I just did a search on here sorting by kink and you came up. I'm not sure if you meant for your answers to be public. Anyway, if you're ever in LA, I'd love to meet you. It's hard to find dominant women."

Here's another:

"This is weird, but I saw your into kink. I'm a switch. Just putting it out there."

No dick pics. No "mistress" bullshit! Just guys, talking to me about kink stuff. I was pretty shocked.

But then I got a neg:
"It must have been really hard to teach yourself HTML/CSS. How'd that happen?"

So what about you, GT? How have you been?

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