Happy Valentines day! If you are looking to do something fun tonight, consider joining your fellow GT-ers on IRC (how to use IRC) and watching some movies and getting your groupdrink/fuckitfriday on.

Flowers in the Attic, Heathers, and Spaceballs were the most popular movie choices. Based on various time zone issues, it seems like it is best to have a few viewings throughout the day so people from different time zones can join in. Currently thinking 2PM PST/5PM EST/10PM GMT for Spaceballs, 5PM PST/ 8PM EST/2AM GMT for Flowers in the Attic, and around 8PM PST/11PM EST for Heathers. Of course based on people in IRC we can be flexible.

Flowers in the Attic can be seen here (thanks for the link Currently Kittah), and Heathers (which was the most popular vote , and is available on Amazon Prime and Netflix). Spaceballs is on netflix. If you don't have access to Amazon Prime or Netflix a link will be provided later tonight so you can still join in. (you should have adblock enabled for your browser) .

Hope to see (some of) you tonight!